WARRIOR WEEK 52: Oct 28-Nov 2
  WARRIOR WEEK 53: Nov 6-9
Dear Warrior Week Applicant,

This is an invitation...but it's not an ordinary invitation.

When ordinary invitations are sent out, it's the desire of the host that all who receive this invitation accept it and are able to attend.

Not so with this invitation.

This is Garrett J. White... I'm glad you're here brother.

I serve as Chairman of this Brotherhood, which is truly "A Brotherhood Unlike Any Other..."

We are a roundtable of entrepreneurial men who desire a quality of life not just measured in dollars...

- but in the quality of our marriage / significant other

- in the quality of our relationship with our children

- in the quality of our spiritual fulfillment

- and the quality of the personal certainty and confidence in our body and mind.

We call it living a life of "HAVING IT ALL", in our

• BODY (fitness & nutrition)
• BEING (spiritual fulfillment w/ purpose)
• BALANCE (relationships)

At the core, we are ruthlessly committed to having results (and not REASONS) in all 4 of these areas.

Or in otherwords... living a "4 Dimensional Life".

NFL Superbowl Champs, fitness entrepreneurs, high-end construction developers, real estate investors, brilliant marketers, brokers, bankers, all seasoned business owners - many running multi-million dollar companies - are just a sample of what drives this brotherhood.

So if your goal is to be held accountable by powerful men around a dynamic lifestyle of "HAVING IT ALL", then this brotherhood is exactly what you've been looking for.

It's called: Wake Up Warrior.

Wake Up Warrior is not for everyone, and frankly, not everyone who applies is accepted.

But if you do manage to get in, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds committed to living this "4-Dimensional Life" your brothers.

Out of the thousands of requests we receive each year, only a
handful are accepted. You see, this Brotherhood is made up of only 50 men.

That's it.


A paltry sum when you consider there are over 20,000 subscribers & millions of views online of the Wake Up Warrior movement. But few of them will ever even see this page.

You're on this page because you want to be more than just an elite successful businessman.

You're a father, a husband, a hunter and a man fueled with purpose.

A man who refuses to let the success of business cloud your vision of what's also equally important:

- Having a marriage that's on fire with passion, connection, joy & deeply fulfilling intimacy - instead of just "tolerating" each other, or simply settling with a 'good marriage' - and not a great one.

- Being a present, loving, connected father to your children - instead of feeling guilty about being 'too busy' to be there for them.

- Having a ripped 'weaponized' body you feel confident, powerful & healthy in.

- Living a life deeply rooted with a sense of certainty, purpose and spiritual fulfillment.

There is, however, some fine print.

If you feel the call to join this 50 , then your first step is to apply for Warrior Week.

This is our "proving grounds" for each and every man inside of this brotherhood.

Having sold out 22 Warrior Weeks to the date of writing this letter, I can say with certainty that of the 100+ men who have joined us in Laguna Beach, not a single brother has left without a total positive shift in his relationships, his body, his business & ultimately his life.

For every man, just experiencing the 60 Day Warrior Protocol (5 Weeks of Coaching + 5 Days in Laguna) is enough to dramatically change their life.

However, not all of the men who attend Warrior Week are chosen to join the ranks of this Brotherhood.

The quality and ruthless commitment we keep to make this group of men truly the best, allows for the those who join this brotherhood to experience seemingly impossible results in such a short period of time.

We call it "Collapsing Time".

Think experiencing 3 years of results within 6-9 months, if not sooner.

- Men who have 3X'd (and a handful who have 10X'd!) their business revenue

- Men who have lost 40+ lbs.

- Men who have completely turned around a marriage threatened by divorce

- Men who have evaporated their stress levels into a calm certainty

- And so much more...

But without describing those results in detail here in this letter, I'll let the videos and case studies of our brothers do all of the talking - which you'll find here on this page.

If you're accepted into the first stages of this brotherhood at Warrior Week, you will be pushed and tested to your limits in fitness, in combat, in business, in relationships, and in the way you see life as you know it.


Because of a simple truth:

At the moment of reading this letter, what you know has served you in getting you the results you currently have.

But I know something about you, brother. You have a searching... a hunting, even... that moves you to seek more, to seek better, and a desire to truly "have it all".

And truth is, to "have it all", you need new skillsets, new mindsets, new associations, and new levels of accountability within a roundtable of men - of Kings - you can respect and you can trust...

We have a core belief in this brotherhood that every man has been born a King in his own right.

Many, if not most, live their life as a peasant. As a slave to one of these 4 areas in body, being, balance or business. Is this you?

I'll speak frankly and unabashedly...All of the things you need to "have it all" are found here at Wake Up Warrior.

All of the tools you need to reclaim your KINGDOM are found here in this Brotherhood.

But don't take my word for it, I invite you to see it for yourself. They say you can't sell a salesmen - but we can sure as hell show you.

This, my brother, is Wake Up Warrior.

So if you are here, I hope you watched the entire 60 minute documentary that gives a small glimpse into the nature of Warrior Week and the truth of this Brotherhood.

More importantly, I hope you'll apply to join our ranks...

Love and light,

- Garrett J. White - Chairman, Wake Up Warrior
Lifetime access to 13 Modules of on-demand training guiding you through the proven, underground art & science of the Warriorsway to having it all in body, being, balance & business.
Customization of the art & science of the Warriorsway into a practical, actionable, simple
process to create every single
result you want in body, being, balance and 
4 Weeks (10 Sessions) of intense one-on-one coaching
with the Warrior Week Coaches
team to move your action
plans into full speed and realization of results. 
4 Days/Nights all-inclusive experiential integration of the Warriorsway and a customized
transformation of your body,
being, balance & business. 

Personal one-on-one access to Garrett J. White every week for 5 weeks, all in preparation and training for your 5-Day experience at Warrior Week. 

Personal one-on-one access to Setema Gali, co-trainer of Wake Up Warrior, every week for 5 weeks. All in preparation and training for your 5-Day experience at Warrior Week. Your training doesn't begin when you walk through the doors at our HQ in Laguna Beach - your training begins immediately when you secure your seat.

Be held to a group of peers ruthlessly committed to having it all, and learn from the men who have been in the game for years and experienced the explosive results from living the warriorsway. These men have countless nuggets of wisdom they freely pass on to new brothers who get into the game. 

As a Warrior Brother, you’ll tap into our private network of men all living by the code, successful in business, marriage & fitness. You’ll become friends with some of the most powerful, 4-dimensional men, and you’ll have access like you’ve never had before.

The Science of Information. 
6 Underground Elite Level Training Modules
In phase one we will unlock the science behind the Warriors Way to having it all. Through a series of elite-level underground training modules, you will be guided through the hidden science of accessing {nearly] unlimited SEX, POWER and MONEY as a married business man (seriously).

Your outcome through these 6 Modules of Training Videos, Audios and Action guides is to allow your mind to begin seeing the world through a practical "limitless possibility" of the Warrior Men here in the brotherhood. 

By the time you are complete with these 6 Modules, you will - for the first time - get a glimpse into the reality of "having it all" in your body, being, balance & business. 

Outcome: Full intellectual understanding of the science of the Warriors Way.
The Art of Integration.
4 Weeks of One on One Mentoring & Consulting
For 4 straight weeks leading up to Warrior Week you will experience "Real, Raw, Relevant" results-driven one-on-one coaching & consulting from the Warrior Week Team in order to customize the information from Phase #1 into your personal life. 

This phase is known as the "Art of Integration" of the Information. Every single week as you complete the Video, Audio and Action guide assignments for each Module, you will have a fully customized group & solo consulting session to debrief and move forward. 

This will not only ensure you understand the science, but we help you artistically & practically implement the science immediately into your life for speed of results. 

Outcome: Full customized integration of the art to the Warriors Way.
The Reality of Transformation.
4 Days of Live, Deep-Dive Experiential Training
Now that the INFORMATION [Science] and the INTEGRATION [Art] of the Warriors Way have been introduced and customized to your life, it is time to “experientially” dive into the pressure of a live environment designed specifically to the test everything you have learned & implemented over the 4 weeks, so your path to having it all is AIR-TIGHT.

Warrior Week is the hardest and most liberating 4 days you have ever experienced.
Through blood, sweat, tears and brotherhood bonding (with 15 other men who have also experienced the Phase #1 and Phase #2) you will awaken to the highest version of YOU that you have ever known. 

Warrior Week has been nicknamed the “Resurrection” or the “Re-Birth”, and for some they consider it single greatest experience of their lives, second to being married & having children. 

Outcome: Full immersion and conversion to the Art & Science of The Warriors Way To Having It All.

We treat our brotherhood like kings. During your stay here at Warrior Week, we host you in the luxurious "Surf & Sand" resort, right on the beach.

4 Weeks of Pre-Event 
Deep-Dive Coaching 
  • 13 Pre-Event Classes - Discover the keys to balancing and excelling in Body, Being, Balance & Business.
  • A One-On-One & Group Experience  - You will be guided through these classes with a coach, in both one-on-one and group dynamic settings for accountability and insight from other men. 
  • Results Before The Event - Men report significant improvements in quality of life in JUST the pre-event training with the group of Warrior Week. 
  • Collapse Time & Customize - The 4 weeks of preparation going into your Warrior Week experience helps you extract exactly where you want to grow in body, being, balance & business.
  • The Power & Production Quotient - Money. Business. Sex. Intimacy. Marriage. Parenting. Leadership. We cover several basis prior to the event, so Warrior Week becomes the most powerful event of your life, to date. But just powerful... relevant to WHERE you're going. 
  • And so much more...
$10K Value
4 Days of Elite & Immersive Training
  • Experience The Super-Hero Version of You - During the 4 day experience, you will be guided through the 4 dimensions of the Core 4 through evolutions specific only and proprietarily created by Warrior - in ways and processes you never imagined were possible. You will experience a version of yourself you've only dreamed of unlocking. 
  • Unlock Deep Dormant Levels of Power & Clarity - You will be taken through physical, emotional, mental & spiritual evolutions to unlock power within all 4 dimensions, so you leave with clarity on how to create harmony in all areas, in real - no BULL, no sugar-coated experiential processes.  
  • Build Blueprint & Execution Maps - We go hard, but we never do so outside of the frame of creating results for you, in YOUR life. Every moment spent inside of Warrior Week is all leading to building execution maps for your life, outside of Warrior Week. It's not pain for pain-sake here... it's all custom tailored, in a very unique way, around your life, your family, and your business. 
  • And so much more...
$10K Value
Leave With Custom Action Plans Tailored To YOU
  • Leave With Target Roadmaps - We don't just want you to have an experience, you leave with an 8 week roadmap to help TACTICALLY bring your targets and outcomes into reality in a PRACTICAL and METHODICAL way.
  • Leave A Changed, Renewed Man  - 5 years proving and testing the science to Having It All means only one thing - your experience at Warrior Week is built on thousands of hours and hundreds of men going through and perfecting the Warrior's Way crucible.
  • Exclusive Warrior Gear - You can't buy the Warrior Gear from Warrior Week... you must EARN IT. And the earned gear becomes a pricless token of your efforts and work you invest in yourself and your future.
  • 2  Free WarriorCon Tickets - Get two tickets (You and a guest) to our Bi-Annual WarriorCon 2 event happening in November. A $2,000 value. 
  • And so much more...
Men Who've Been In The Game Up to 3 Years
How You Can Accelerate More Results In Marriage, Busines & Life THIS MONTH  Than You Have In The Past Year, Without Feeling As If You're Burning Out AND Without Risking Precious Energy
Brother #1, Member Since 2012, Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur
"Maintaining peak-state as a 40+ married men with two kids is a must. My focus, muscle-mass, energy & functional-fitness is at an all-time high. Before, I just worked out. Now, I weaponize & maintain a lethal, funtional body, serving me at the highest possible levels."
"My clarity, courage and confidence is at an all-time high as a result of this daily protocol. Peace of mind yet fierce focus are two things I thought could never live in harmony... until now. There's clarity on what I want, who I am and my purpose in life. This piece has been transformational!"
"My relationship with Wendy, Kennedy and Kadin, y friends, my brothers - all have grown depper, more honest - essier to have very difficult conversations I always used to avoid. So much more present. 20 years of marriage and we're the closest we've ever been, my kids consider me their best friend - complete shifts."
"Struggled in marketing before, and Warrior has brought massive clarity to how I can market and streamline my business. Revenue, messeging, clients, processes, fulfillment... all opened up in REAL ways because of this fresh approach. Growth, contribution and expansion occuring with my Firm & Clients at an all time HIGH!"